True Transparency

thomas larrieu thomas.larrieu at
Wed Mar 21 15:37:11 CET 2007

> Really, you gotta worry more about the driver
I have found no drivers (but not because a lack of searching, i assure it :/
> Do you have the compositor running? Checking the Compositor tab of the
> Window Manager Tweaks (under Settings in the menu).
I don't have the compositor running (no tabs in Window Manager tweaks

> Even if you would ever get it to work it will be so slow you won't
> enjoy it at all... get yourself a new graphical card is the only advise
> i can give you... pretty much any recent nvidia, ati or integrated
> intel (open source drivers!) will get you all the fancy eyecandy you're
> looking for...
It means there's no way to correctly handle true transparency with my card?
What a sad piece of news...
So i'll go and buy a new graphical card...
Thanks for that quick support.
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