XFCE shortcuts

Arnau Bria arnau at emergetux.net
Mon Mar 19 17:24:08 CET 2007

On Mon, 19 Mar 2007 11:44:58 -0400
Erik Harrison wrote:

> On 3/19/07, Arnau Bria <arnau at emergetux.net> wrote:
> > On Mon, 19 Mar 2007 15:36:36 +0100
> > Stefan Schwarzburg wrote:
> >
> > > Ok,
> > > first, tab in shortcuts works not in "Terminal" for me. It does
> > > work in other programs.
> >
> > ok. same to me. anyone knows if it is a bug?
> No, it's not a bug. Terminal has to have special shortcuts so it
> doesn't interfere with curses based applications or bash shortcuts
> (like tab completion)

Ok, I agree with that. 

But (remember that I'm new to XFCE) in kde I was able to use shortcuts
for konsole with TAB, and tab completion as well.

AFAIK there's no bash shortcut for crtl+tab or ctrl+shift+tab...


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