Fonts on Terminal too tiny to read

Stephen Liu satimis at
Mon Mar 19 16:50:31 CET 2007

Hi Erik,

- snip -

> > The font sizes on terminal, which looks like an xterm more than a
> > Terminal, are to tiny to read.
> If you're running xfterm4 then it probably IS xterm. xfterm4 is just
> a
> handy wrapper script.
>  Please advise how to increase the size.
> >
> > # which xterm
> > /usr/bin/xterm
> If it is xterm then

I can increase the font size by [Ctrl]+RightClick temporarily.

In my recollectiong there is a Terminal for Xfce4.  But

# yum search terminal/Terminal
can't find it.  Any idea?  Tks.


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