Install Xfce4 removes kdevelop & vice versa in Debian Sid.

Emanuele Rocca ema at
Wed Mar 7 12:06:16 CET 2007

* Richard/g <richard.holt at>, [2007-03-06  9:46 -0500]:
>  I have a conflict between Xfce4 and Kde on up-to-date 
>  Debian Sid. 

It's a bug in kdebase-dev:

You're using Debian unstable, codenamed Sid because it may break your
toys :), and this kind of issues are common.

The next time please check if a bug has already been filed on the Debian
bug tracking system, and if it's not feel free to contact us (Debian
Xfce Maintainers):


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