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Sat Mar 3 22:52:58 CET 2007

Nick Schermer wrote:
> I tried this once, but really, you don't want this because the image
> handling of the Gtk clipboard is not very fast, so when you cut/copy
> some image data in the Gimp (which uses an internal clipboard for this
> data, but sends it when you ask for it) the plugin memory increases a
> lot.
> There were also some other problems with this when you use openoffice,
> duno exactly what happened...
> Nick

I don't use Clipman but another, similar application.  My understanding 
is that it contains clipboard history but is not the clipboard.

There's an article here about the X clipboard:

BTW: I copied that link using the copy icon in Firefox (Swiftfox).  When 
I went to Thunderbird, the Paste icon was disabled but I was able to 
paste using Ctrl+V.  The same thing happens often with OpenOffice when 
pasting data copied from another application.


Regards, TerryJ

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