Plugin Problem

Erik Harrison erikharrison at
Sat Jun 2 22:08:30 CEST 2007

On 6/2/07, tomw at <tomw at> wrote:
> Sorry Alexander, should have mentioned that I've tried recompiling the external plugin(s).
> What seems odd to me is that it's all of the third party plugin(s) that crash.
> The plugin{s) that get installed by default work just fine.

Well, the error is no such file or directory - the plugin can't be
found, even if it's .desktop file can.

I note that it appears you have installed Xfce in /usr/local/ is it
possible you have a two seperate Xfce installs - a vendor is likely to
put Xfce in /usr/.

In all cases if the .so/executable can't be found then it sounds like
an installation problem.

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