Both Super_L (Window key) and Super_L+E shortcuts

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On Thu, 26 Jul 2007 10:11:39 -0300, Rodrigo Castro
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> I am using Xfce 4.4.0 on Gentoo Linux and I am trying to assign 
> Super/Super_L (Window key) shortcuts, but had some problems.
> In my case, first I assigned "Super_L" to open XFCE menu 
> (xfce4-popup-menu) which worked fine. I also want to assign "Super_L
> +E" (or Super+E), for example, to open Thunar (and a few other, like
> MS Windows does). But that where the problem lies. If I press "Super_L
> +E" (or any other assigned shortcut), it opens the XFCE menu all the
> time. In other words, no matter if the Window key is pressed alone or
> with other key, it is always associated to "Super_L" shortcut.
> Is this a XFCE/GTK bug? Or is it the way it works? Is there any 
> workaround to simulate MS Windows behavior?
I have a similar problem. My keyboard has some special multimedia keys
(like play/stop/forward/...) and the base of the keycodes is:
The ? are different letters for different keys but the start of the
keycombo is always the same. Unfortunately, the keyboard MCS plugin
only recognise the first three parts and so every key I press get
Control+Alt+Mod4+Super_L. I workarounded this by manually editing the
XML file in ~/.config/xfce4/shortcuts after reading the whole keycombo
with xev.

But I guess at all it is more a GTK/GDK problem than Xfce?


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