Both Super_L (Window key) and Super_L+E shortcuts

Rodrigo Castro rodrigo.castro at
Thu Jul 26 15:11:39 CEST 2007

I am using Xfce 4.4.0 on Gentoo Linux and I am trying to assign 
Super/Super_L (Window key) shortcuts, but had some problems.

In my case, first I assigned "Super_L" to open XFCE menu 
(xfce4-popup-menu) which worked fine. I also want to assign "Super_L+E" 
(or Super+E), for example, to open Thunar (and a few other, like MS 
Windows does). But that where the problem lies. If I press "Super_L+E" 
(or any other assigned shortcut), it opens the XFCE menu all the time. 
In other words, no matter if the Window key is pressed alone or with 
other key, it is always associated to "Super_L" shortcut.

Is this a XFCE/GTK bug? Or is it the way it works? Is there any 
workaround to simulate MS Windows behavior?

Thanks in advance,

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