Composite manager causes graphic gliches

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Tue Jul 17 19:07:05 CEST 2007

On Tue, 17 Jul 2007 19:12:17 +0300
Yogiz wrote:

> > > Wow, really? Does that mean that it's impossible to use my Linux
> > > for gaming and looking good at the same time (xfce's composite).  
> > 
> > Yeah. Has always been like this.
> >   
> > > I mean the
> > > transparency worked, even really well, it just caused some other
> > > problems. You sure it's from AIGLX's absence?  
> > 
> > Are you really sure that AIGLX is deactivated? (Must be explicitely
> > mentioned in xorg.conf) I didn’t even know that Xfwm4’s compositor
> > can be launched without AIGLX.  
> I couldn't get direct rendering to work without disabling it, it gave
> errors in Xorg.log so yes, I specifically disabled it in xorg.conf.
> Overall, this is pretty sad news. Guess I'll have to start thinking
> about getting an Nvidea card.

If you are using Xorg >= 7.1 and Mesa >= 6.5 you can get 3d hw accel
for Radeons up to and including the 9800 using the Xorg provided ati
driver (fglrx) and the Mesa drm module.

The hoops you may have to jump through to achieve this can vary
depending upon the distro you are using.

Once this is done you can run xfce's composite using
compiz/beryl and still enjoy direct rendering and your games.


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