Add execute bit to Thunar's wish list

Bob Snyder bob.snyder at
Mon Jul 9 07:13:12 CEST 2007

Todd and Margo Chester wrote:

> Bob,
>     Is there a way to override this behavior?  It is really
> annoying to have to do it by hand.
>     If not, would the Thunar folks please consider
> a configuration option to override this behavior.
> -T
> from samba's smb.conf:
> ; map archive owner execute bit must include 0100
> ; map system  group execute bit must include 0010
> ; map hidden  world execute bit must include 0001
> ; Note: after doing all the above map stuff, it is a good idea to do
> ;       a mass chmod to 2766 (Read Only=off, Archive=on, Hidden=off).
> ;       And, you definitely want hidden to be turned off!!!
>     map archive = yes
>     map system = yes
>     map hidden = yes

Well, I'm not sure what your problem is specifically. Using Thunar, I 
can set the execute bit on Samba shares that I have mounted with 
smbmount. Or with fusesmb.

In any case, the best way to request a feature is to file a request with 
the Xfce bugtracker <>. Second best would be to 
post your request to the Thunar list.

Bob S.

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