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On Dec 28, 2007 6:17 AM, Arnau Bria <arnau at emergetux.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> not sure if this the correct place for asking this, but I have lock
> button in my panel (Padlock) and I works fine (it starts after some
> minutes, it locks the screen, etc...) but don't know how to configure
> it: redefine the minutes, the effect, etc...
> When I go to properties I just see:
> Select action type: Lock screen
> Orientation: Vertical
> And the only application I see in my system is xlock...

The Action Buttons widget just calls xflock4, which itself just a
little wrapper script that takes a peek at what is installed on your
system and runs it. In your case, xlock.

As for automagic locking of the screen after a period of time, that's
probably handled by xscreensaver (not an Xfce app). Poke around in the
Settings submenu of the desktop menu for screensaver settings, see if
that gets you what you need.

> Anyone could give me some help?
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