Fresh 4.4.2 Install Problems

Tom Weeds rebel.mailinglists at
Tue Dec 18 21:51:01 CET 2007

I recently installed the latest and greatest of my favorite Linux
distribution .... (7.0: 32-bit)
This is basically an updated etch based distribution with KDE as the
default desktop environment.

I noticed 2 problems while / after installing xfce 4.4.2

First the GUI installer failed with the following error:

## Installing i2t-uninstaller
install -d /usr/local/bin && install -c -m 0755 i2t-uninstaller /usr/local/bin

## Registering installation
install -d /usr/local/etc/i2t-packages/xfce4
install -c -m 0755 xfce4.uninstall /usr/local/bin
install -c icon.png /usr/local/etc/i2t-packages/xfce4/icon

## Updating the icon cache
gtk-update-icon-cache -f -t /usr/local/share/icons/hicolor
Cache file created successfully.

## Updating the desktop database
update-desktop-database /usr/local/share/applications
./ line 381: update-desktop-database: command not found

This is not a big problem, just thought I would let other folks know.
Don't want to report as a bug  (maybe I'm missing a required package)
... but installer says I've installed all required and optional
dependent packages.

The second problem is more serious I can only run terminal as root.
If I try to run as a "standard" user ... terminal flashes on screen
then crashes.
Perhaps a permission problem?

Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.

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