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Mon Dec 17 13:20:34 CET 2007


I'm a french teacher and I try to use XFCE for my childrens in my classroom.

I made a desktop with 4 panels but I've some problems to configure its
with some details.
My desktop :

My panel are fixed, because the young children should'nt move it easily.
So I fixed its.

But in this case, the apps are blocked by the bar (The application is to
small and I want that it appear in fullscreen).

And if I move my app, it can only be under the panel 1 (on the bottom),
2 (on the left) and 3 (on the right). I never can put it under my panel
4 (on the top). Why ? I don't know.

And if I forced it (with a right-click on the top bar of my app and
select "place over"), the app is only over the tree first panels (1, 2
and 3).

So I try to change my panels and I test to change my fourth panel in
"free mode" (not fixed).
So, when my app is launched, it appears like that.

So, I right-click on the top bar of my app and choose "place over" :
then my app is correctly placed.

So my questions are :

1) Can I forced with my panel fixed to be over the fourth panel ? And how ?

2) And if it not possible, how can I force the app to be launched in
"place over" mode, without right-click on it ?

Thank you for all.

(And excuse-me for my not so good english...)
(And I have XFCE in french and I don't know how the options are called
in english, so I try to translate).

François Audirac.

François Audirac
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