GTK / Xfce audio CD burner?

Mişu Moldovan dumol at
Tue Aug 21 16:07:27 CEST 2007

Biju Chacko <botsie at> a scris:
> I agree. The wiki is supposed to provide useful *information* not
> push any agenda. Personally I think Opera is pretty neat. It's mail
> client especially is excellent. I don't see any reason why it should
> not be there -- it follows the Xfce philosophy of being small and
> light. So what if it's proprietary?

How about not recommending apps to which Xfce settings (themes, fonts
etc.) do not apply? I don't mind Opera being proprietary but I have a
problem with it not using the GTK+ toolkit, thus not reacting to
changes in Xfce's preferences manager.

Also, Opera might be by itself lighter than say, Epiphany, but when you
take into consideration that Epiphany shares much more memory with other
Xfce programs (because it also uses the GTK+ libs), the overall memory
usage for Xfce+Opera would probably be bigger that Xfce+Epiphany. 

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