GTK / Xfce audio CD burner?

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Mon Aug 20 12:03:27 CEST 2007

"Liviu Andronic" <landronimirc at> a scris:
> On 8/20/07, Mişu Moldovan <dumol at> wrote:
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> > Does anyone else find it disturbing that Opera has made it to this
> > list?
> I added Opera to this list since there was no "GTK-only" requirement.

I think that it is an implied minimum requirement. The other apps are
GTK+ apps. Recommended apps should "blend" into an Xfce desktop,
themes and fonts settings should apply to all apps, Opera will fail
this. I'm deleting it from the list.

Sadly, there is no "ideal" browser for Xfce. Firefox is a monstrosity
of it's own, with that XUL interface and large memory footprint. The
nicest browsers that use GtkMozEmbed have GNOME dependencies (Galeon &
Epiphany). Kazehakase uses GtkMozEmbed and is quite usable, but a bit
immature and, well, "different". 

A WebCore based GTK-only browser would rule them all, but Atlantis was
an experiment, the "Flower" browser of the Gtk+ WebCore port from Nokia
is just a proof-of-concept browser, and Midori, based on WebkitGdk
(like the experimental port of Epiphany) is still in it's infancy.


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