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On 4/27/07, somethin2cool at yahoo.com <somethin2cool at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Since installing XFCE exclusively, my computer struggles to read CDs. I
> can mount them ok, but:
> 1) when I open any folder (with Thunar) it will take me to the directory
> that the folder itself was in. So the url would read for example:
> /home/me/floberfolder/floberfolder/floberfolder/floberfolder....
> no matter which folder I open, i just end up back at floberfolder (which
> is a made-up folder name).
> 2) the cd drive sounds really unhealthy. REALLY unhealthy. With the same
> disc, the drive works well in Gnome under a seperate instalation. The
> same goes for the bootloader (grub) and windows. What is xfce missing
> that these other environment have that can fix this?

Nothing. We've already established elsewhere that this is a new OS
installation, Xfce can't affect the health of your hardware.

> Thanks
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