ANN: xfce4-places-plugin version v0.2.0 released

ongardie at ongardie at
Sun Apr 22 07:53:12 CEST 2007

Announcing version 0.2 of the xfce4-places-plugin.

The Places plugin is a menu which provides access to folders, documents,
and removable media. Version 0.2 brings a huge number of improvements.
Here are the details:

 * Support for volumes (removable media)
  - Adds Thunar VFS dependency
 * Support for recent documents
  - Only available when compiled with GTK v2.10 or greater
 * Now has 35 translations, taken from Thunar and gnome-panel.
 * Rewritten view based on xfdesktop's menu
  - No more arrow button
  - Added "Places" tooltip
 * Rewritten .gtk-bookmarks parsing based on Thunar's parser
  - Improves consistency with Thunar
  - Avoids potential bugs
 * Many bug fixes
  - #3028: Places button activated when dragged away
  - #3029: Places ignores orientation-changed
  - #3030: Places shows missing menu items
  - #3124: Auto-hidden panel hides on plugin activation

I'll be updating the project website momentarily with a new description,
screenshots, and a download link. As always, thank you for your interest
in my plugin, and thanks to all the other developers that helped make
this release possible.

Diego Ongaro
ongardie on freenode

Download this release:


Project website:

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