How to activate mount capabilities on thunar

Manolo mpancorbo at
Mon Mar 27 19:24:42 CEST 2006

> From: Benedikt Meurer <benedikt.meurer at>
> Subject: Re: How to activate mount capabilities on thunar
> Manolo wrote:
> Thunar's configure script prints a build summary when done, which should
> tell you whether HAL will be used, i.e.:
> * Volume Manager: hal
> If it prints
> * Volume Manager: none
> instead, scroll up and check which package check failed, the README file
> has some details about the required versions.

I don't have the "config" because I'm using compiled .deb package. I
re-read the README, revised the dependencies, checked that my user is
in the "plugdev" group...

Well, in fact it worked! I plugged my USB-disk and yes, I found its
two partitions on the side panel, ready to get mounted ;-)

I can't explain why it works now and didn't work yesterday... I must
check this in other computer.

But... how can I see my fixed-disk partitions? For example, the

Manuel Pancorbo Castro

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