Screensaver Question

Andrew Conkling andrew.conkling at
Tue Mar 7 17:17:14 CET 2006

On 3/6/06, JoeHill <joehill at> wrote:
> I set the advanced option in the screensaver so that the display would go into
> standby after 20 mins. Seems I just should have left it the way it was, cuz now
> the Power Management settings don't seem to be working. The screensaver still
> works, ie., the screen goes blank after 10 mins as per my setting, but it never
> goes into standby or powers down.
> I did restart the daemon after making the changes, and the power management box
> is checked.
> To be sure it's something I'm missing, but I can't see what that would be.

Does this work in GNOME or KDE or something else?  AFAIK, xscreensaver
simply interfaces with ACPI, and Xfce doesn't do anything special but
open the GUI window in its Settings Manager.  If it doesn't work
anywhere, then it'd be a question for your distro; if it works
elsewhere, then I'm plain out of ideas.  (It works fine for me in
GNOME or Xfce on Ubuntu, but I never figured out how to get it working
in either DE on Arch.)



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