Desktop died, permanently!

Andrew Robinson at
Sun Mar 5 05:32:45 CET 2006

Okay, so I was working in Eclipse when X just shutdown without
warning. When I restarted X, my display was completely garbled. I'm
not sure how to describe it, but basically the display is striped both
horizontally and vertically with small pieces of the UI repeated over
and over again (a few pixels).

When I switched to KDE, it works, when I run xfce4 through VNC it
works, but xfce4 dies when I run it using startx.

Virtual Machine inside of VMWare workstation
Slackware 10.2
xfce 4.2.2
xorg 6.8.2

I've tried rebooting the guest as well as the host and nothing
changed. I'm running in VNC mode right now, but it would be nice to
run in "normal" X again.


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