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Anthony Ewell aewell at
Mon Aug 28 00:44:12 CEST 2006

Anthony Ewell wrote:
> First, this is the terminal I run in XFce (colors and
> font sizes will vary so I can tell them apart with
> a lot of them open):
>      xfterm4 -fn 10x20 -fg darkred -bg white -bdc
> A typical directory listing (ls) would look like this:
>     CentOS-4.3-i386-bin1of4.iso  CentOS-4.3-i386-bin4of4.iso
>     CentOS-4.3-i386-bin2of4.iso  CentOS-4.3-i386-LiveCD.iso
>     yum_08-08-2006 CentOS-4.3-i386-bin3of4.iso  index.html
> If I double click on the "yum" of "yum_08-08-2006", I get "yum_08".

Joe Klemmer wrote:
 > Here are the results for the filename
 > yum_08-08-2006:
 > Terminal - double click selects "yum_08-08-2006"
 > xterm    - double click selects "yum_08"
 > aterm    - double click selects "yum_08-08-2006"
 > rxvt     - double click selects "yum_08-08-2006"
 > mrxvt    - double click selects "yum_08-08-2006"

Don Christensen wrote:
>         For example, the string ‘‘33:48,37:48,45-47:48,38:48’’ indicates that the excla-
>         mation mark, percent sign, dash, period, slash, and ampersand characters  should
>         be  treated  the same way as characters and numbers.  This is useful for cutting
>         and pasting electronic mailing addresses and filenames.
> I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader as to how to utilize this
> information.  ;-)

The xterm command is "-cc string".

This is a follow up to the group.  I did not realize
xfterm4 was not a souped up xterm, customized for us by some
kind soul in the XFce group.  I wondered why it did not seem
any different.  So, since I now know that xfterm4 is a
middleman to several configurable terms, I changed all my run
strings to "xterm".  That way there is no doubt what I am
asking for.

This is what I finally wound up with on my terminal
launcher pop up:

xterm -fn 8x16  -fg blue      -bg white -bdc -cc \

xterm -fn 8x16  -fg darkgreen -bg white -bdc -cc \

xterm -fn 8x16  -fg darkred   -bg white -bdc -cc \

xterm -fn 10x20 -fg blue      -bg black -bdc -cc \

xterm -fn 10x20 -fg black     -bg white -bdc -cc \

xterm -fn 10x20 -fg darkred   -bg white -bdc -cc \

xterm -fn 10x20 -fg darkgreen -bg white -bdc -cc \

xterm -fn 10x20 -fg blue      -bg white -bdc -cc \

xterm -fn 8x16  -fg darkred   -bg white -bdc -cc \
"33:48,37:48,45-47:48,38:48" -C

xterm -fn 8x16  -fg darkgreen -bg white -bdc \
-exec tail -f /var/log/messages

The bottom two open a console ("-C", you must be
the console's owner for this to work) and a
tail on your messages log ("-exec ...")

Thank you all for the help!


I Fish.  Therefore, I am.

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