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Tue Aug 22 08:34:57 CEST 2006

 I installed XFCE4 on FreeBSD 6.1 and worked great just installing the package with pkg_add. I only wanted to run it at 1024x768 so I ran xorgconfig to set up a new configuration for X without succeding, but at least all worked as before.
Then I changed some setting (I don't remember which) using the right mouse menu in XFCE4. The screen went out of sync, and didn't return to the original state. I killed X, but now every time I start the X environment I see:
- the X server starting
- XFCE4 starting up to the moment I see the mouse bitmap as a background
- After one second the monitor goes out of sync and I loose it.
The xorg.conf file is valid, since if I run "X -config myfile" it runs ok.
How do I reset XFCE4 to its standard settings?
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