missing window decorations with openoffice windows

Richard van der Hoff richardv at mxtelecom.com
Mon Aug 21 13:51:11 CEST 2006

Hi Olivier,

Olivier Fourdan wrote:
 > Richard van der Hoff wrote:
 >> [...] I'll wait for Olivier to reappear :).
 > We plan to make a new release, so it would help if you could provide
 > the required infos as mentionned in my previous post.

Sorry I missed your first message - I'd been trying to keep an eye on 
the mailing list, but seems I overlooked it.

Oddly, since I don't think I've changed anything, the problem seems to 
have solved itself at some point in the last few weeks, and I now can't 
repeat it.

So, sorry for the alarm... I guess we can put this down as an 
unexplained, transient, oddnesses.

Thanks for your help, anyway!


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