Summary: What applications do Xfce users use?

Joe dev at
Sun Aug 20 17:49:34 CEST 2006

Hello again,

I wish to thank everyone who responded to my email.  I've now learned 
not to ask open-ended questions :-).   However, to benefit the 
community, I'd like to summarize the (unscientific) results.

For web browsing, Firefox is preferred by 7 respondents.  Dillo was 
mentioned by one.

In the mail user agent category, Thunderbird received 5 votes, gmail 2, 
Sylpheed 2 and Sylpheed-Claws was mentioned as previously used by one 

For "office" apps, OpenOffice was chosen by 5 individuals, soffice (I 
assume it's OO's cousin) by one, Koffice by one.  Gnumeric was the only 
standalone spreadsheet mentioned (3 votes).

The only suggestion for personal finance was MoneyDance but it uses Java 
and it's a commercial app.  Hence, the only opensource alternative 
appears to be Gnucash (which, like Gnumeric, has many Gnome dependencies).

A multitude of other applications were also mentioned, so I'll only give 
the highlights (votes in parentheses, no single-mention items tallied):

File manager:  Thunar (5)
Terminal:  xfce-terminal (3), aterm (2)
Picture editor:  Gimp (3)
Ripper:  Grip (2)
Instant Messenger:  Gaim (2)
Calendar:  Orage (2)
PDF viewer:  Evince (2)

If I have some time, I'll try to add a page to the Xfce wiki.

Best regards,


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