KDE & XFCE4 happy together on debian etch?

Gerald Barre g.barre at free.fr
Sun Aug 20 00:55:33 CEST 2006

Le Sat, 19 Aug 2006 16:38:09 -0600
"Andrew Robinson" <andrew.rw.robinson at gmail.com> s'exprimait:

> The following packages will be REMOVED:
>   gamin libgamin0 libthunar-vfs-1-2 thunar xfce4 xfdesktop4
> The following NEW packages will be installed:
>   kdelibs4-dev libfam-dev libfam0
> 0 upgraded, 3 newly installed, 6 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
> Need to get 0B/1446kB of archives.
> After unpacking 778kB disk space will be freed.
> Do you want to continue [Y/n]? n
> Abort.

It looks like my libarts-dev packet is rotten when installing

Les paquets suivants contiennent des dépendances non satisfaites :
  kdelibs4-dev: Dépend: libarts1-dev (>= 1.5.0) mais ne sera pas installé
E: Paquets défectueux

Gérald Barré

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