What applications do Xfce users use?

Joe dev at freedomcircle.net
Fri Aug 18 18:57:05 CEST 2006

Joe Klemmer wrote:
> 	Here's what I use.  No, wait.  First a disclaimer: These are my
> preferences but it doesn't mean I am an avid zealot (or even a fan) of
> them.  They just mesh with the way I do my stuff.  Ok, now I'll really
> list my apps.  These will be listed by functionality with the primary
> app first then the backup/secondary app second.
> Browser: Firefox, Opera
> Mail: Evolution, Thunderbird
> Office: Open Office, [tie] ApplixWare and TextMaker
> Everything else: Terminal, xterm
> 	I do all my file management with mc or the command line.  I do most
> everything from the command line.  My Xfce desktop usually has 5 or 6
> term's open and I bounce around in them.
> 	And there's my basic setup.  Hope it helps you in your quest.
Thanks, Joe.  In order not to get a "garden shed" discussion (as Auke 
put it), may I suggest that either the forums or the wiki or the website 
have a section where people can discuss what they use, what problems 
they have using them under Xfce, etc.  For example, I haven't 
investigated yet but I'm surprised that Terminal doesn't appear to have 
a context menu to change fonts, etc., even though it's running xterm 
(and under xdm, I'm pretty sure that menu was there).  Another example, 
Thunderbird doesn't react to clicking on URLs.  I'm sure that works on 
Windows and I think Evolution/Gnome did as well.  Since I haven't done 
my research, I'm not saying both these things are caused by Xfce, but that
an Applications forum, list or wiki would be an appropriate channel for 
these questions.


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