What applications do Xfce users use?

Robby Workman xfce at rlworkman.net
Fri Aug 18 05:09:33 CEST 2006

Joe wrote:
> I'm undecided in terms of office applications.  I only use a spreadsheet 
> on a daily basis, so I'm reluctant to install OpenOffice which brings in 
> lots of stuff I don't need (and to build it takes more disk space that I 
> can spare).  I had tried Gnumeric under Gnome and it looked OK, but it 
> again needs lots from Gnome.  I also need something like Gnucash but 
> once again it needs many, many Gnome libraries.

I'm sure you'll get plenty of input on the browser/mail/office 
stuff, but I've got a suggestion on the finance application. 
Have a look at MoneyDance - it's not free, and it's a java 
application, so either or both of those might eliminate it from 
consideration, but I started using it a few years ago when I was 
first considering a switch to linux.  I liked the fact that it 
was a cross-platform application; the developer has builds for 
Windows, Linux, and Mac.  As for price, it was around $30 if I 
remember correctly, but I've only paid once - there's never been 
an charge for an upgraded version (although I certainly won't 
guarantee that this will always be the case).




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