Strange segfault on program startup

John Coppens john at
Mon Aug 14 00:16:35 CEST 2006

Hello all.

Though I'm not sure this is xfce's fault, suddenly I am experiencing
startup problems with a variety of programs (not all from the xfce group).
As an example, I backtraced the startup of 'xfce4-about', and received
the attached backtrace.

On startup, only the message 'Segmentation fault' appears. As mentioned
several (gnome-based?) programs experience the same problem, some of them
python, some compiled. The backtrace in each case ('xcept python, which I
don't know how to bt), is almost literally identical.

I haven't restarted xfce yet, as I have a couple of critical apps
running. I'll try that later.

Any suggestions?

BTW: this is the beta2 version of xfce2, and kernel 2.6.17.

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