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** Jean-François Wauthy <pollux at> [2006-08-11 15:46]:
> Le vendredi 11 août 2006 à 07:13 -0700, Craig A. Betts a écrit :
> > > Something like this ????
> > > You can even change the XFCE 'Start' icon. I didn't start the systray
> > > plugin, and you'll probably notice that the screenshot has the XNest
> > > window border around it ;-)
> > Dude!  I didn't know the taskbar could be manipulated like that.  Would 
> > you mind sharing your config?  I am guessing it all should be contained 
> > in ~/.config/xfce4 (xfwm4 and panel).  I am most interested in what you 
> > did to the panel configuration.
> You need xfce 4.4beta{1,2} or SVN to be able to do that
** end quote [Jean-François Wauthy]

I had something similar on my panel for a while when I looked at the
xfce4-panel-menu-plugin [1] after reading an article in MicroMart a
while back.

I wasn't specifically trying to recreate Windows, although having a
roughly similar and therefore familiar 'start' menu system did have its
appeal for easing the migration process. I'm not sure whether this is
what has now been merged into the new 4.4 beta or not. I never got
around to configuring it properly and simply had a custom version of the
standard XFCE menu in addition to the default XFCE menu. From the
screenshot given I'm not sure whether the 'start' menu is the standard
XFCE menu type or the XP-alike one though.


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