(Default) Desktop Icon Locations (Beta 2)

Gregoire Gentil gregoire at gentil.com
Wed Aug 9 04:34:15 CEST 2006

It's working for me:
is correctly memorized and I'm on 1280x1024.
I'm not the lead on this product so file what you want to do but I would
suggest that you investigate deeply.
What do you mean by login? Do you really mean login or start of X? What
happens if you hit control-alt-backspace? Watch the file and see if the
values are correctly written...

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Thanks Gregoire ... this was the required config file.

However, I have a 19 inch screen  (1280 X 1024)

In order to get icons in the lower right corner of the screen

Problem is:  any value over 9 and file resets to default values upon

Do you think this is a bug that should be reported?

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Subject: (Default) Desktop Icon Locations (Beta 2)
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> Tom,
> Note that the position of the icons are stored in the following file:
> ~/.cache/xfce/desktop/icons.screen0.rc. Here is the format:
> [Documents]
> row=0
> col=0
> You may play with the file and preload it for instance. Last, 
> note that
> you have one file per desktop (icons.screen%d.rc),
> Gregoire
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