XFCE4 SVN Automation Script

Timothy White xfce.users at weirdo.bur.st
Wed Aug 9 02:53:17 CEST 2006

Due to popular demand, I have cleaned it up (and combined a number of
scripts that were almost Identical into one).

It has not been extensively tested, but I did test it on a machine
from scratch, and it appears to work correctly. (And it does work on
my machine, just like the old scripts did).

If you wish to make changes, or fix an errors, please register
yourself an account, let me know your username, and I'll give you edit
rights to the wiki. I am open to all feedback, good and bad!

For those that don't want to read the notes in the script or on the
wiki, when you run it, it WILL ask for your password, using sudo.
Seeing as this is the way I use it, that's the way I wrote the script
(only uses sudo for the things it NEEDS to use it for).

Lastly, while I use this script regularly, and it works for me, there
is no guarantee. If it eats your computer, I'm very sorry, and I'll be
happy to try and work out why, but I am not responsible for your lost
computer ;-)


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