problems with xfsm-shutdown-helper on solaris

Alessio Cervellin Alessio.Cervellin at Sun-CS-Italy.COM
Sat Sep 24 11:28:55 CEST 2005

Siposs Attila wrote:

>>Of course, the commands "shutdown" or "poweroff" alone work fine.
> it works as root only, or as any user?

if works for any user, of course users different from root must do "sudo 
poweroff" (and no password is asked, so sudoers file is well configured 
i guess)

> Have you edited the sudoers file?
> you can do it with command visudo as root.
> insert this line:
> your_user_name     localhost= NOPASSWD: /usr/libexec/xfsm-shutdown-helper

yes i did
if sudo was not configured, the poweroff/reboot options would stay 
grayed in the logout menu.

> check the path and correct if necessarry...

done (on Solaris it's /opt/csw/libexec/xfsm-shutdown-helper)

other suggestions?

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