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Ken Moffat kmoffat at
Sat Sep 24 04:23:19 CEST 2005

Joe Klemmer wrote:

>Hi listers,
>	I know this isn't xfce specific but I'm sure that someone in here has
>figured out how to get this done.  I wouldn't mind using nautilus on
>occasion (sorry edscott) but it has that highly annoying habit of taking
>over the desktop and killing xfdesktop.  I wish to use the file manager
>only without the other stuff.  I haven't been able to find any way of
>fixing this, though I will admit I haven't done an exhaustive search.
>Any help or guidance towards the right TFM I could R would be greatly
>P.S. Hi guys.  I might be back as a imaginary productive person for a
>bit.  ;-)

I believe it has a command line switch: --no-desktop... here it is.

              Do  not  manage  the desktop -- ignore the preference set
in the
              preferences dialog.

You should be able to make a menu item with the command "nautilus


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