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If you don't like to install all those Gnome packages, you can also use 
the Ivman daemon for automounting. From the Ivman website 

"What is Ivman?

Ivman is an extremely flexible desktop independent frontend to HAL 
(, the userspace Hardware 
Abstraction Layer for Linux. It can be used to execute arbitrary 
commands when devices are added to or removed from your system, when 
device properties change, or when devices emit conditions. Any 
properties of the new or changed device can be included within the 
executed command."


Samuel Wright wrote:

> Hi All
> Just out of curiosity, what is the opinion of XFCE devs, and others, 
> on auto mounting of CDS and USB Drives? Is it considered totally 
> unnecessary? Not the job of XFCE? Is it on the todo list (how hard is 
> it to implement)? (Should I be talking to the people developing the 
> file manager?)
> It is (in my opinion) one of the greater stumbling blocks that people 
> not experienced with Linux face.
> Ta
> Sam
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