General backdrop question (mcs-settings)

Linux Tard linuxtard at
Fri Oct 14 22:15:56 CEST 2005

I'm looking for a way to have a uniformed look and
feel for all users, XFCE4.2.0 on Slackware 10.1.

I have the menus set up correctly, however I can't
figure out how to get the backdrop to be the same for
all users, new users added to the system included.

I've seen the backdrop setting in desktop.xml in the
mcs-settings directory in each user's home directory,
but I can't figure out where to set XFCE up so that
everyone gets the same backdrop.

Is there such a method?  If not, is this on the todo

(Right now it defaults to xfce-smoke.png so I can put
our graphics file there with that name, but
unfortunately XFCE stretches it to fit the desktop,

kind regards,

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