[Xfce] another thought about the list

Bob Snyder bob.snyder at cox.net
Fri Oct 14 05:24:47 CEST 2005

>>>this is quite easily done with procmail actually - although I owe you 
>>>the recipe to do it.
>>Easy, there you go:
>>* ^List-Id:.*xfce at xfce.org
>>This recipe stores all the mail that has the "List-Id" field set to
>>"XFCE general discussion list <xfce.xfce.org>" (which happens to be the
>>xfce ML) to a certain folder (there it is xfce written in maildir
>>notation). Note, every xfce ML carries it's own "List-Id" by whom you
>>may filter its email traffic (view "Full headers" to get and idea).
>>Thank you mailman!
>>PS: Yesh dude, prefixes are annoying!

I agree with the original poster. I would like to see the MLs subject 
lines prefixed with "[xfce]" or similar. And yes, I know I can easily 
filter the messages into a separate folder. I prefer not to do that. I 
visually sort my inbox picking out the spam that gets through both my 
ISP's filter and Thunderbird's filter (and there's a lot!). The problem 
is that the poster will sometimes write a subject line that looks like a 
spam message or is ambiguous. Like "question" or "Forum update". If a 
message has the [xfce] tag on it I know I can open it without being 

Another reason is that I could look at my xfce folder and immediately 
spot messages that are mis-filed. That works well with other lists that 
I'm on.

Seems to me like a small price to pay.

Thanks for listening.

Bob S.

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