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Sun Oct 9 22:12:04 CEST 2005

On 10/9/05, Douglas Orchard <duglas at> wrote:
> Just a few minor problems I havnt found in the documentation.
> How can I make xfterm4 open without the menu?
> I can hide it after opening but I want it to never show.

I assume you mean Terminal? (xfterm4 is a shell script that opens your
prefered terminal emulator)

You can't permanantly disable the menubar. Seems reasonable though -
Terminal doesn't have an upstream bugzilla that I know of.

> How can I open the root menu from the keyboard?
> I use xbindkeys to open my favorite programs. I now want a command to
> open the root menu, that I can put into .xbindkeysrc.

xfdesktop -menu. This is clearly in the docs

> Is there an option to open programs full screen?
> I want to add this option to the program names in .xbindkeysrc

Unless the app itself provides the option, you'll need to use
something like devilspie to do this.

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