ANNOUNCE: xfdiff-4.3.4 released

Foxy foxy at
Wed Oct 5 10:30:03 CEST 2005

It's great news. I wonder if there is a way to compile xffm from svn? I 
mean I tried svn trunk and see that all the packages are separate. I 
installed libtubo without a problem, but next thing is required is 
libxffm, which gives me a error:

> No rule to make target `', needed by `all-am'

I wonder if the svn source code is already obsolete?

Edscott Wilson Garcia wrote:

>Xfdiff is now released as a separate package from xffm.
>1- diff command is now executed in a separate thread so you can start
>browsing differences before diff output is complete.
>2- when you diff two directories, only those files which *are* different
>will appear in the combo list.
>Download: (access from svn trunk is not
>yet up to date because of some prblms, so watch the xfce-commits mail
>list for when this is available).
>1- libtubo-0.9.7 (download from or svn
>trunk xffm/libtubo). This is a *tiny, tiny* library.
>2- libxfcegui4 >= 4.2.0 (this is optional: you wont get an "about"
>dialog without it).
>And for those of you who are not familiar with xfdiff:
>Xfdiff 4.3.4 is graphic interface to the GNU diff and patch commands.
>With this utility, you can view differences side by side for files or
>directories. You can also view differences that applying a patch file
>would imply, without applying the patch. You can also apply patches to
>the hard disc or create patch files for differences between files or
>directories. All-in-all, a handy utility for lazy chaps who don't want
>to type the diff command.
>Xfdiff first appeared around year 2000 in the xfce3 desktop as an
>included application. The application was later ported to GTK-2 and
>included within the xffm tarball, which uses the application as a
>filemanagement tool.
>During the 4.3 release series, xfdiff has returned to the status of
>independent application to allow installation for uses without the xffm
>filemanager and also to reduce the size of the xffm distribution
>tarball. Whatever.

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