xffm, drag'n'drop and other stuff

Edscott Wilson Garcia edscott at xfce.org
Mon Nov 21 19:13:09 CET 2005

On Mon, 21 Nov 2005, Foxy wrote:

> I have been using xffm from svn for a while already, though mostly for
> samba connection. I found it very handy to mount samba drives with xfsamba.

Double clicking on remote samba files for svn was not working until 

> Strangely enough I do not use xffm for file management. The main reason
> is that it seems not to support drag'n'drop in icon view mode and I
> cannot select several files with a mouse. I wonder if I just did not
> enable this feature or it is not implemented at all.

You can select multiple files by pressing control and clicking on them one 
at a time or by button press and dragging mouse to draw rectangle. Hmm... 
seems to be broken under single click navigation. This will be fixed very 

> Also I do not like he way it shortens long file names. I wonder if it's
> possible to switch it off.

Nope. Cannot be switched off because icons are grid located for speed. 
Perhaps instead of shortening, the font size should be reduced... In the 
deskview gui name are not shortened at all because there is no grid.

> Another thing, I like to open dirs with a single click. It works fine in
> Icon View, but does not in detailed view. Is it a bug or a feature? Or
> something is not finished yet? Or I just did not compile the whole thing
> properly?

Nope. Single click navigation is not available for detailed view. Detailed 
view is the legacy GUI and is burdened by bloat imposed by gtk-treeview. A 
separate gui without nested tree-levels would be necessary for this kind 
of single click navigation.

> Apart from that it is the best file manager I've ever used.

Same here ;-)


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