The Thunar Path

sofar sofar at
Thu Nov 17 18:50:05 CET 2005

On Thu, 17 Nov 2005 9:25:54 -0500, <aussiefax at> wrote:
> I am looking forward to using Thunar (it sure looks nicer
> than ROX), but I'd really like to see it become something unique, because
> I believe in what the developers of XFCE are setting out to accomplish with
> their desktop.  Simplicity.

depending on how you describe 'unique', you may very well be horribly
 disappointed with thunar's design goals. Thunar will be an ordinary
plain and simple file manager that just does the basics right - not much

That in itself may be unique already, but it is not the uniqueness of 
anything ground-breaking, and it will never be that too. To be honest,
thunar isn't even worth getting cocky about - and thanks to anti-heros
like Benny who are performing this ingrateful development venture, we
get exactly this: A basic file manager that does things right.

Just what Xfce needs ;^)


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