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Erika Meier erika0815 at
Mon Nov 14 22:50:31 CET 2005

On 08.11.2005 18:28:04 Erik Harrison wrote:
>I've got a question I'd like to ask everyone, to help me build some use
>cases for the panel.
>How often do you add a plugin to the panel, after desktop setup?
rarely, I use the panel to hold the mini commandline, the Systemtray,
the mixer-applet, clipboard manager, for the clock and the logout/setup
button. I haven't changed it for more than a year. All other monitoring
things are done by gdesklets.
>How often do you remove a panel plugin? Why?
hardly ever see above ;)
>How often do you move items in the panel around? Why?
never, I arrange them once and keep them like this. There is no need
for me to switch aroudn icons/symbols so I have to get used to their
new places again... Everything is supposed to stay where it is....

want a screenshot?

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