Automatic focus settings

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Fri Nov 11 17:27:31 CET 2005

On Fri, 2005-11-11 at 17:17 +0100, Alexander Toresson wrote:
> Is support for _NET_WM_USER_TIME built into gtk2 or does every
> application have to implement this feature?

Gtk 2.6 And later do (maybe 2.4, I'm not sure). But that's not all that
simple, because there are cases where the application should update the
property by itself.

One simple example is Mozilla/Firefox. Only one process is running that
manages all windows.

When invoking a new window, it seems that the property is not updated,
and the window is logically not focused, while I believe it should. I
might be wrong though.


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