Automatic focus settings

Harold h.aling at
Fri Nov 11 16:02:29 CET 2005

I was cleaning out my mail archive and I found this email:

Paul Tansom wrote:
> In the Window Manager Preferences there is the option to 'Automatically
> give focus to newly created windows'. This is great, but is there a way
> to only do this for sub-windows (or daughter windows?). Basically am
> often working in a window and have another window created (either
> because, for example, I've started an application in the background or
> because Gaim pops up with a message from somebody). These windows I
> don't want to give focus to. If I disable the setting, however, password
> windows and other windows created from the application I am working in
> don't get focus.
> As an aside to this, I am working with 'Focus follows mouse' and
> 'Automatically raise windows when they receive focus' disabled.
I checked the list archive but it seems that nobody has replied to his 

 I want to restart this discussion because it's the only thing that 
keeps getting me annoyed when using the best desktop environment 


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