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Tue Nov 8 21:31:12 CET 2005

Erik Harrison wrote:

> On 11/8/05, chris dunn <chris at> wrote:

>>But why do smeg and xfce 4 menu-editor not pick up the same menu
>>listings as the desktop menu. Particularly the xfce menu-editor which I
>>would have thought was geared up to read the xfce desktop menu.

> I'm not sure what smeg is - so I'm not sure there.

Smeg is another menu editor which seems to have zero documentation.

> As for the menu editor, what differences are you seeing? Remember, the
> "System" menu is a magic include - it's contents don't show up in the
> editor because they are generated on the fly

I see :

... include ... 	system

which seems to match what you are saying, and under Debian,

... include ... 	menudefs.hook

If xfce 4 menu-editor was able to indicate the location of the files 
indicated against "... include ..." it would surely be a large step forward.

Thanks again for your input.

Chris Dunn

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