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Wed May 18 19:17:23 CEST 2005

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Hi Andreas

My ADSL connects on startup. So I don't need to turn it on and off,
however some people dont like their ADSL starting automatically. Seems
a great addition. Thank you.

- -amichai

Andreas J. Guelzow wrote:

>On Wed, 2005-18-05 at 18:43 +0300, Amichai Teumim wrote:
>>What is the difference between modem lights and net load? I am
>>connected through ADSL.
>Netload shows the current traffic on a connection. This is great and I
>use netload in addition to modemlights.
>Modemlights provides
>1) a button to press to initiated a connection (say using pon) or to
>disconnect a connection. This is useful for dial-up connections. (I have
>no experience with ADSL since our lines here are to bad to support it,
>but I suspect that you are not manually raise and lower the connections,
>so this is of no interest to you.)
>2) a graphical representation through 3 icons indicating whether the
>connection is up, down or the modem is currently dialing.
>So, personally I have the netload applet just next to modemlights since
>they together provide all the connection info and tools I need.
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