borderless window?

Stefan Stuhr xfceuserslist at
Mon May 16 09:45:21 CEST 2005

man, 16 05 2005 kl. 12:52 +0530, skrev Biju Chacko:
> I just tried this with Opera 8 and can't figure out what you need. The 
> left border that expands to a list of views is perfectly clickable. I 
> don't understand why you require borderless windows.
> Could you explain to me what kind of behavior you are expecting 
> vis-a-vis what id actually happening?
Things at the edge of the screen is easier and faster to reach than
things not at the edge of the screen [1]. When the maximized Opera
window has a left border, the expander in Opera is not at det edge of
the screen.

I think it would be a good idea to allow a hidden option to disable
(hide) left, right and bottom borders from maximized windows.
It would also often make it easier (and faster) to use scrollbars.

[1] Fitts' law:'_law

> -- b

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