WM Request

roger rstmp at iinet.com.au
Sat May 14 10:48:18 CEST 2005


I'd like to submit a request regarding the way the window manager (xfwm4) 
positions newly created windows.

Let's divide the monitor/screen into 4 equal regions as follow:
	A C
	D B
A: Top left quarter
B: Bottom right quarter
C: Top right quarter
D: Left bottom quarter

Then let's open a window, e.g. a web browser, that requires at least the 
quarter of the screen area; it goes into A
Opening a second instance goes into B, a 3rd into C and a 4th into D.
Then a 5th instance goes into A, exactly where the 1st instance is, thus 
completely hiding it.
Actually, even if the window area is less than the quarter of the screen's, at 
one moment a new instance will be set exactly at the position of an old one.

I would suggest that, whenever possible, a new instance never occupies the 
exact place used by an old one, i.e. a small offset be introduced in both X 
and Y.

I haven't filled a bug / new feature request since my request may seem 
"absurd" for most people!?

Roger Seguin

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