Problem loading Xfce-4.2.0 on Slackware-10.1

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Wed May 4 21:14:50 CEST 2005


g_option_context_new() is in glib since version 2.6 while xfce 4.2 is
targeted at gtk+-2.2.

A grep for "g_option_context_new" in xfce4-sesssion source tree returns
nothing so the erro doesn't come from xfce4-session (neither 4.2 branch
nor trunk).

Since the relocation error occurs in gtk while the symbol is defined in
glib, I think your problem is that you have a mismatch between the gtk
version and the glib version installed on your system, but I don't think
it's an error from Xfce.


On Wed, 2005-05-04 at 11:08 -0700, Rich Shepard wrote:
> On Wed, 4 May 2005, Rich Shepard wrote:
> >  I just upgraded one of my machines from Slackware-10.0 to -10.1. Everything
> > is fine except when I try to startx. First, the font directories atmfonts/
> > and TTF/ cannot be found or loaded, for reasons I do not understand. Second,
> > startx fails with this error message:
> >
> > /usr/bin/xfce4-session: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/
> > undefined symbol: g_option_context_new
>    More information: same error with 4.2.1 as with 4.2.0.
> Sigh,
> Rich

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