How to create app. menu?

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Tue Mar 29 16:06:05 CEST 2005

Le mardi 29 mars 2005 à 08:35 -0500, Bob Goodwin a écrit :


> I am running xfce4 with FC-3.
> How can I create an icon with a menu of several applications to launch?
You have three things
- right click on the desktop provide a menu
- you got a panel menu plugin
- there are launchers in the panel
which one do you mean ?
> Clicking on the "manual" icon simply tells me that it can't find mozilla 
> so no help is available. I'm running Firefox  and I guess it's not where 
> it expects it to be?

did you set $BROWSER ?
if not, add export BROWSER=firefox in ~/.bash_profile, logout, loggin
and then help should work

> Thanks for any help.
> Bob Goodwin   Zuni, Virginia

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