xffm 4.3.1 released

David Wiedemann d_widi at datacomm.ch
Tue Mar 22 12:56:55 CET 2005


When I want to compile xffm, I get the following error when I execute 
../libs/.libs/libxffm_gridview.so: undefined reference to 
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [xffm] Error 1
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 2

Can anybody help me with this (I'm not that much with all that compiling 
stuff - am already proud of myself, that I can handle those commands 
"./configure", "mak" and "make install" - but more is too much for me... 
:-) )? I installed XFCE with the os-cillation installer...

Thank you very much


edscott wilson garcia wrote:
>Xffm is a modular filemanager with a treeview and iconview. It supports
>multiple plugins, such as a windows network plugin (xfsamba 4.3)
>bookmarks plugin, fstab plugin, and others. It is a full weight
>filemanager of the Xfce desktop environment. But even full weight, this
>filemanager is small and fast, thanks to the plugin design for all extra
>Changes: Version 4.3.1 begins the releases of the bleeding edge xffm.
>With this release the iconview GUI interfase for xffm is added to the
>well known 4.2.1 treeview GUI. The iconview GUI is known in other terms
>as the "spatial" GUI.
>For source tarball download, see http://xffm.sourceforge.net/ 
>This version of xffm requires that you upgrade to at least
>libxfcegui4-4.2.1 (see http://xfce.org/ for download sites) and
>dbh-1.0.22 (which can be downloaded with xfce-4.2.1 at http://xfce.org/
>or from http://dbh.sourceforge.net/). Other 4.2.0 xfce libraries should
>work fine.

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